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When you were young were you drawing in class when you were supposed to be learning math? If so, a degree in graphic design may be for you. Graphic design is communication and commerce packaged as art. Typically used for commercial reasons such as advertising to sell products or ideas or for branding campaigns.

When it comes to your design education, the approach is to transform you from student to professional by mimicking the workplace. You become a visual problem solver. Your teachers become your clients. You comp ideas on the computer. You pitch those ideas in front of the class. You also learn how to work as part of a team; your classmates become your colleagues as you finesse your good ideas into even better ones.

Entry-level positions include but not limited to production artist, assistant designer, assistant art director, or production coordinator in an advertising agency, design studio, publishing house, or in-house communications or marketing department.

Programs vary in length depending on your school of choice. Admissions counselors will assist you with course descriptions, enrollment, pricing, financial aid, and housing if needed.

The following schools offer training in the culinary arts. Request complimentary information, and speak with an admissions representative for more information about course lengths, curriculums, financial aid, job placement or any other questions or concerns that you might have.

Graphic Design Schools

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