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Photography Schools

Do you have a passion for photography? Professional photography training can prepare you for an enjoyable career in this exciting field. Study photojournalism, advertising, fine art photography, and documentary.

In addition to studying traditional photography, students of photography today will also learn how to transform film into digital creations through scanning and software manipulation.

Programs vary in length depending on your school of choice. Admissions counselors will assist you with course descriptions, enrollment, pricing, financial aid, and housing if needed.

To find a school in your area offering a curriculum in photography, fill out the form below and we'll query it against our database and inform you of schools in your area via email. If you are looking to relocate please specify the city and state that you plan on moving to, and when.

The following schools offer training in photography. Request complimentary information, and speak with an admissions representative for more information about course lengths, curriculums, financial aid, job placement or any other questions or concerns that you might have.

Photography Schools

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